• February 12, 2019
  • 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
  • Thrive Arvada West - 5610 Ward Rd, Ste 300, Arvada, CO 80002


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Lady Justice Brewing

To Grow or Not to Grow, That is the Question.


February 12th, 5:30-7:00


Thrive Workplace ARVADA WEST - This is a new location

5610 Ward Rd, Ste 300, Arvada, CO 80002

Lots of FREE PARKING.  Thrive is located about 1 mile north of I70 at the Ward exit. 

Our Presenter:

Kate is an attorney for Boulder County and has a law degree from Maine Law.  She has an undergraduate degree in Journalism.  Kate is also, more relevantly, a co-founder of Lady Justice Brewing and manages its compliance.  Lady Justice Brewing is the love of her life (don't tell her longterm boyfriend).  The second love of her life is her her dog, Juniper (don't tell her boyfriend about that either).  ;-)  

Company Description:  

Lady Justice Brewing is a philanthropic brewery. They make beer, sell it, and donate all profits over cost to organizations that support women and girls. It is a brewery of community, for community, and using great beer to make the world a better place 

The Business Challenge

We’re deciding if we should buy a building, lease a building, or continue to sublease our current space. It’s a question of growth, of scale, of location and of who they want to be. 

This Month's Reviewers

Jenn Cleary:   Jenn is a "been there and done that" woman of substance who embodies the concept of community and giving. In addition to being the founder and 14-year executive director of All Together Now International (a non-profit dedicated to locally and sustainably helping women and children with severe medical conditions and access to education in Nepal, Tibet and Africa), Jenn made it through Lady Justice's current decision-making challenge and decided to go for it - including buying property for her woman-run brewery.  While life had other plans for Jenn and she was unable to pursue her "hoppy" dreams, she has more than enough "happy" pursuits with a thriving property management business and soul-fulfilling singing/songwriting career. You can find her strumming and strutting her stuff around Boulder County and Key West (when she's not traveling to Nepal, teaching music or tending to her bees, her bountiful garden and her family).

Greg Pierce:  Talk about a perfect match for this evening’s challenge!  Greg’s done it all – crafting new “brews”, serving thirsty patrons, building a community hub and buying and developing real estate.  Greg is Co-owner and head roaster for  Red Silo Coffee Roasters.  In addition to his passion for entrepreneurship, coffee and community, Greg is also a managing partner for Micro Commercial, the real estate team developing the small-business campus in West Arvada, where the café and roastery are located.   While Red Silo does not serve beer, they do make a Nitro-coffee and Kombucha (that has a little alcohol in it, doesn’t it?  ;-) 

Shelley Flood:  Shelley knows sales.  Shelley knows strategy.  And Shelley knows how to build a retail beverage business and get results.  As co-owner and Director of Operations of Red Silo Coffee Roasters, Shelley is another been-there-and-done-that woman who can help guide our Lady Justice presenters on their growth journey.  Like most entrepreneurs, Shelley is confident, competitive and adeptly wears many hats.  As the “Bean Queen” she’s not afraid to get down and dirty with those fragrant little beasts - whether it’s counting them, promoting them or serving them.   And rumor has it that she has her hands in many of the Red Silo community events and social media posts. 

As always, please forward along this invitation to anyone you think may be interested in this space or thinking about presenting in the future.  While Profit Matters supports front-range women entrepreneurs, we welcome the support and attendance of all our female and male colleagues. Please help us spread the word!  

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