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Our primary mission is to provide networking, mentoring, promotion and support amongst women in technology careers and to help increase the number of women in Engineering and Science through programs and events. Not only do our members meet the criteria of being in senior roles within their organizations, they also understand what it is to be “cool” by definition. We’re out to tear down any pre-existing stereotypes that smart women in technology need to be anything less than the absolute Coolest Women We Know.  

What's Different about us?

  • We attract “cool” women:  Where others have a broad membership, we have birds of the same feather
  • We focus close to home:  Where others operate big national groups, we have small regional groups
  • We build relationships:  Where others impart knowledge, we share experiences
  • We help and support others:  Where others teach and preach, we guide and mentor
  • We represent commitment:  Where others do a job, we fulfill our work with passion
  • We put all membership fees towards our cause:  Where others profit, we work for free towards achieving our mission.  All dues support our programs, website and one holiday event each year.
  • We get things done the fun way:  Where others conduct business, we sprinkle fun on top of business
  • We make a difference:  Where others evangelize, we make it happen.

Coolest Women We Know is a women's leadership in technology association in the Denver and Boulder area. Copyright 2017.

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